Well IQ®

Everything you need in one powerful package.

Unlike many other systems available, Well IQ® is a full-service solution that brings hardware, software, hosting and ongoing technical support to the table in one streamlined solution, taking data acquisition and remote monitoring to an entirely new level. Where some companies provide only instrumentation or software, PetroPower’s Well IQ® is a comprehensive solution that provides everything you need to maximize production and minimize operating costs from day one. We’ll walk you through the entire process to make the most of your investment, and continue to support your operation as an extension of your business.

Best of all, Well IQ® represents one of the finest management tools available to the oil and gas industry, delivering the insights and information you need for profitable decision making, along with an advanced alert system designed to keep you abreast of problems that can impact production, so you can make more productive use of your manpower.

Risk Management

The ultimate risk management tool.

The last thing any energy producer needs is a financial loss due to downtime, mechanical failure, spill or theft. Well IQ® is your first line of defense against these situations, giving you the tools you need to manage risk more effectively and keep your wells producing at their highest possible levels.


Alerts that keep you informed.

When problems occur on site, the slightest delay can cost you time and money. With Well IQ®’s advanced alert system, you’ll be able to respond to issues as they happen, so you can avoid costly mechanical failures that can result in downtime, as well as prevent spills and theft that can easily cost you thousands of dollars.

The Well IQ® alert system provides both text message and email alerts through a sequential alert tree, which can include up to five people per lease. The redundant system ensures that, if one person on your tree can’t be reached, another is notified so that problems can be dealt with quickly, saving you time and money.

Automatic alerts include:

•   High/low tank volume alerts to help you detect and avoid catastrophic events before they happen.
•   Sudden drop alerts to detect theft or system failures.
•   Sudden increase alerts to detect rapid fluid pushes into your stock tanks.
•   Separation alerts to help identify separator problems upstream.
•   Power alerts to notify you of power losses or renewals on electrified leases.

You’ll also have access to a complete history of alerts occurring on each lease, so you can more easily track and diagnose problems long-term.


Protecting you from theft.

With Well IQ®, you’ll be alerted the moment it senses your tank levels are dropping — protecting you against potential theft or spills that can cost you thousands of dollars. If you haven’t scheduled a pickup, you can immediately respond to any sudden drop and identify thefts or spills quickly.


Providing a safer environment.

Well IQ® can also help you provide a safer environment for pumpers, allowing your employees to access daily measurements without physically climbing up on the catwalk and opening the thief hatch every day. This is especially important on sour leases with heavy H2S — a high risk factor for workers in the industry. With Well IQ®, you’ll better comply with OSHA and EPA regulations while still obtaining the data you need to manage production efficiently.

If you still want to verify measurements on site, Well IQ® offers an HMI (Human Machine Interface) package that provides instant access to all current system measurements. Levels, pressures and other readings can be viewed through a touch screen panel on the main control box, allowing your employees to access critical information quickly and easily without directly accessing your tanks.


Complying with regulations.

If you use saltwater disposal wells on any of your leases, Well IQ® can help you better manage compliance with recent EPA regulatory changes requiring energy producers to report injection pressures and barrels disposed. Our water report records all injection pressures and volumes, allowing you to pinpoint any issues before reporting and keep you in compliance. In addition, the water report is available in a format that allows you to simply run and send it to the appropriate regulatory agency, saving you time and hassle in reporting.

Asset Management

Powerful asset management for maximum profitability.

When you’ve invested millions of dollars getting oil out of the ground, knowing exactly how much you’ve produced, how much you have to sell and how much you’ve sold can be critical when it comes to cashflow and profitability. With Well IQ®, you’ll have the tools to better track all of your assets in real time with minimal effort.

Well IQ® offers comprehensive asset management tools that help you monitor location and performance, hold haulers and purchasers accountable and see problems before they occur, minimizing downtime across all of your sites. Your easy-to-use dashboard can be accessed from any desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smart phone, and tracks every drop of oil from the time it leaves the ground to the moment it’s sold. And instead of one manual reading per day, you’ll have near-real-time access to up-to-the minute information you can use to make more profitable business decisions.


Account for every drop.

With Well IQ® you’ll have quick, easy access to both product and interface measurements on every tank, so you can more effectively track the commodity you have on hand. Unique, dual-float sensors provide readings of all tank contents, including both oil and water, to a .01 degree of accuracy, easily meeting API standards. So you’ll always know precisely how much sellable oil you have above ground.

Well IQ® will also enhance the way you track sales. Run tickets at custody transfer will help you reconcile every transaction, ensuring you get paid for every barrel of oil without waiting weeks for manual records. So you can hold haulers and other purchasers accountable and maximize your earnings.


Evaluate well health and performance.

Well IQ® also provides daily production reporting that will help you evaluate well performance on an ongoing basis. Based on your input, the system can be set to alert you when a tank is reaching capacity, allowing you to sell that load and get paid. You can also set threshold production rates and be alerted if production falls below the designated volume.

Flow and pressure monitoring will help you monitor the health of your wells and diagnose issues before they become problems, while performance tracking makes it easy to optimize production and proactively schedule chemical jobs to minimize downtime and keep your wells productive.

Most importantly, you’ll be alerted whenever an issue arises that can impact your profitability. For example, a separation alarm will automatically notify you when upstream fluid is pushed to the wrong tank, allowing you to react quickly to mimimize any loss of sellable oil.

Time Management

Make the most of your time with Well IQ®.

Time is money. So getting the most out of your employees is vital to your profitability. With Well IQ®, you’ll have the power to better focus their efforts, prioritize and address critical issues in a more timely manner and establish a more efficient plan of proactive, targeted maintenance that will enhance your overall operation.

Traditionally, pumpers have spent a majority of their time driving from lease to lease, checking levels and inspecting equipment to ensure proper operation. Most follow a designated route based on geographic proximity, so when problems arise on a specific lease, you might not know about it until they reach that location — often too late to prevent catastrophic results.

With Well IQ®, your pumpers will have the tools they need to better plan their daily routes, focusing on those leases that need attention first and keeping them — and your leases — more productive.


Less windshield time.

With Well IQ®, your pumpers will know which leases require immediate attention through an easy-to-use dashboard that defines the severity of any issues detected. Green leases are operating to spec, yellow ones require attention soon, and red ones require immediate response to maintain productivity. In combination with the dashboard, Well IQ®’s alert system provides 24-hour coverage of all your leases, so even overnight, your on-call staff will be notified if an emergency arises.

By prioritizing issues by severity, your pumpers can get to problem sites first, addressing issues that can impact production or result in hefty fines, increasing the amount of commodity you pull from the ground and keeping your profits intact. And, instead of climbing catwalks with a gauge tape every day, your pumpers can spend more time keeping your wells in full production, establishing a regular maintenance plan and making you money — functions that often get neglected when employees are busy recording numbers on a daily basis.


Lower fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

With remote monitoring through Well IQ®, your pumpers can reduce their reliance on manual measurement. Where they previously made stops daily, they can use Well IQ®’s dashboard to check levels and well operation remotely, reducing the need for daily, in-person gauging and inspection.

Obviously, by reducing the amount of miles your workers have to drive each day, you’ll see immediate savings on fuel and vehicle maintenance. In fact, many companies using Well IQ® have been able to significantly reduce the number of trucks they operate, since pumpers are not required to visit leases every day.

What our customers are saying:

Well IQ® has streamlined our entire operation. Production is up on EVERY lease. Our field personnel utilize it all day long. This increase would not be possible without this system. No one likes to think about it, but if the worst case scenario happens and oil crashes down to $35 a barrel, we could run our whole operation with only four employees utilizing the PetroPower Well IQ® system on our leases. This is not a luxury item. It becomes even more valuable if market prices take a dive. Certainly regulatory, cleanup and lifting costs would not change much, so streamlining and efficiency become even more valuable on the margins. That’s where remote monitoring comes in.
PetroPower’s Well IQ® monitoring system has been a great investment for our company. We’ve been able to spot drops in production quickly and have saved thousands in spill prevention. The quality of service with PetroPower has been fantastic. They didn’t just leave us when we were up and running. They are there for us if we have any questions.
We have been a PetroPower customer since 2011, and have found the Well IQ® system to be a great asset to our field operations. The alert system, tied directly into our pumpers’ and foremen’s cell phones, gives us early warnings. On our saltwater disposal tanks, the system alerts us when oil accumulates in water tanks and when the water level increases, preventing potential spills. On our oil tanks, we can monitor daily production and be alerted when oil is being drawn from the tank for sales or possible theft/leak. I would highly recommend PetroPower for monitoring field operations.
I recently had an issue with a water hauler on the discrepancy of a run ticket. I watched all this on the PetroPower dashboard production graphs in real time as my stock tank dropped 10bbls of oil while the water hauler was supposedly offloading from the SWT. I confronted the water hauler on the phone about the discrepancy and he denied it, so I sent my pumper out that night to color cut and gauge the tank. The PetroPower tank leveling sensors were right on the money, proving a little over 10bbls of oil was missing. That put an end to the debate and my problem with the water hauler and my company was resolved very quickly.
We began using PetroPower about a year and a half ago to keep better track of our wells’ performance and production. I like that we can check and monitor the wells at any time while we are in the office. At times, we spot problems before our pumper is even aware of it. We receive alerts when any crude is taken (theft and leak protection) and the production reports verify the crude oil purchases down to an eighth of an inch. It hardly takes any time to install and their staff has always been over the top in customer satisfaction.
Well IQ® is as good as gold! You would be surprised at how much time it saves me every day. First thing in the morning, I can check my tank levels and the current at my REDAs to see if I have any trouble spots that need immediate attention. It helps me plan my day out, which in the oilfield gives me a head start on targeting the areas where production was lagging from the night before. Plus I get separation alerts on my tanks that let me know immediately if I have an upstream gun barrel or knockout issue which I can immediately monitor and fix so we can get back online. The system has personally saved us from several major spills, one of which was near a river system. It gives me peace of mind at night when I head home from the field.