Get more out of your leases – and your people.

Get more out of your leases — and your people.

Well IQ®

In today’s volatile marketplace, you need instant access to critical data that can help you maximize production and increase profitability on every well. Well IQ® is a full-service solution that brings hardware, software, hosting and ongoing technical support to the table in one streamlined solution, taking data acquisition and remote monitoring to an entirely new level and delivering the instant, remote access you need through any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Solutions for every stage of oil and gas production.

Upstream customers find PetroPower a valuable partner in taking their oil and gas operations to new levels of productivity and profitability. Through the integration of our Well IQ® system, they have access to real-time data on tank levels, production volume and well operation not available through traditional manual measurement methods, and can use that information to better manage their business, maximize profitability and make better use of their employees’ time.

Station managers will find PetroPower Well IQ®’s unique blend of inventory/sales data and hauler tickets incredibly powerful tools in their monthly Over/Short battles. With data as detailed as that used by the trucking industry, you’ll be able to quickly identify underperforming haulers and streamline the flow of tickets as you empower your office personnel.

As a provider of oilfield automation, you may have an outstanding portfolio of equipment or software you use to assist customers in system development. Becoming a PetroPower reseller can help fill any gaps in your product or service line with high-quality, easy-to-use and simple-to-install equipment and one of the most powerful cloud-based analysis and reporting systems on the market today.

What our customers are saying:

Well IQ® has streamlined our entire operation. Production is up on EVERY lease. Our field personnel utilize it all day long. This increase would not be possible without this system. No one likes to think about it, but if the worst case scenario happens and oil crashes down to $35 a barrel, we could run our whole operation with only four employees utilizing the PetroPower Well IQ® system on our leases. This is not a luxury item. It becomes even more valuable if market prices take a dive. Certainly regulatory, cleanup and lifting costs would not change much, so streamlining and efficiency become even more valuable on the margins. That’s where remote monitoring comes in.
PetroPower’s Well IQ® monitoring system has been a great investment for our company. We’ve been able to spot drops in production quickly and have saved thousands in spill prevention. The quality of service with PetroPower has been fantastic. They didn’t just leave us when we were up and running. They are there for us if we have any questions.
We have been a PetroPower customer since 2011, and have found the Well IQ® system to be a great asset to our field operations. The alert system, tied directly into our pumpers’ and foremen’s cell phones, gives us early warnings. On our saltwater disposal tanks, the system alerts us when oil accumulates in water tanks and when the water level increases, preventing potential spills. On our oil tanks, we can monitor daily production and be alerted when oil is being drawn from the tank for sales or possible theft/leak. I would highly recommend PetroPower for monitoring field operations.
I recently had an issue with a water hauler on the discrepancy of a run ticket. I watched all this on the PetroPower dashboard production graphs in real time as my stock tank dropped 10bbls of oil while the water hauler was supposedly offloading from the SWT. I confronted the water hauler on the phone about the discrepancy and he denied it, so I sent my pumper out that night to color cut and gauge the tank. The PetroPower tank leveling sensors were right on the money, proving a little over 10bbls of oil was missing. That put an end to the debate and my problem with the water hauler and my company was resolved very quickly.
We began using PetroPower about a year and a half ago to keep better track of our wells’ performance and production. I like that we can check and monitor the wells at any time while we are in the office. At times, we spot problems before our pumper is even aware of it. We receive alerts when any crude is taken (theft and leak protection) and the production reports verify the crude oil purchases down to an eighth of an inch. It hardly takes any time to install and their staff has always been over the top in customer satisfaction.
Well IQ® is as good as gold! You would be surprised at how much time it saves me every day. First thing in the morning, I can check my tank levels and the current at my REDAs to see if I have any trouble spots that need immediate attention. It helps me plan my day out, which in the oilfield gives me a head start on targeting the areas where production was lagging from the night before. Plus I get separation alerts on my tanks that let me know immediately if I have an upstream gun barrel or knockout issue which I can immediately monitor and fix so we can get back online. The system has personally saved us from several major spills, one of which was near a river system. It gives me peace of mind at night when I head home from the field.